Got ripped off by The Unlimited auto care

Johannesburg, Gauteng 1 comment

I have been paying R119.20 every month for past 4 months to The unlimited autocare as a member.This company removes scratches and dents from cars.

when I processed a claim I was advised that the claim had been declined even though the claim was legit. My claim was declined due to a scratch within the the dent. The scratch being referred to does not exist but unlimited still refuses to assist me with my claim.

I spoke to the consultants and the manager but could not recieve the assistance I needed.I hope this never happens to any one out there.

Review about: Claim Denial.



I also made use of their services and was extremely dissapointed. In a nutshell, the scope of the repairs they can do is VERY limited. Only if it is a very specific size dent in the middle of a flat body panel can they "sort of" remove it. All they do is glue a piice of plastic to the dented area with superglue, and then attempt to pull on the plastic to remove the dent. Very crude indeed.

Also, their paint "touchups" look like a toddler got hold of a bottle of nail varnish. Mine came off after a month, the paint doesn't stick well at all.

Please don't make the same mistake I did and sign up! I promise you will regret it! It is a complete waste of time! :cry

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